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Testing and Verification

Verification of Mextram is supported on basis of the Q&A toolkit of the Compact Modeling Coalition (CMC). With our Mextram releases we release the variant of this toolkit that is run at Delft University to verify our Mextram model. In the subdirectory mextram/ of this toolkit we have contributed tests, scripts and reference data to support Mextram model verification.

Based on over a hundred independent test templates, applying automatic polarity checks whenever appropriate and evaluating automatic Mult scaling checks for each template, for each single Mextram model variant -- bjt504t, bjt504, bjtd504t, bjtd504: with/without self-heating/substrate) -- the Q&A tool generates and checks over 400 test variants. Applying these automatically to all variants of the model, using our "run_all_tests" script, results in over 1500 test variants being automatically evaluated and analysed.

Versions of Mextram from and inclusive 504.5 are supported by the Q&A tookit.

Documentation can be found in a README file in the directory structure.

The purpose of the tests is to support conformance checking between various implementations. Tests have been carefully developed to focus on physically relevant parts of the transistor characteristics and avoid extremely low- or extremely high bias regimes, where the output of simulations is known to be simulator dependent. Large bias steps and extreme initial conditions have been avoided, so as to avoid appealing strongly to the convergency aids of numerical solvers involved. Robustness testing is explicitly not within the focus of this test suite.


With the CURRENT RELEASE Including Full CMC Test Toolkit we deliver -- besides Mextram implementations, test definitions and corresponding reference data -- the scripts and modules of the CMC Q&A toolkit that is run at Delft University to verify Mextram model implementations. This release is reserved for CMC members that support Mextram. Our public CURRENT RELEASE contains only the defintions of the tests and the corresponding reference data.