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Bug Reports & Fixes Page

This page presents and documents proposed and accepted bug fixes of the Current Release of the Mextram model. To deal with (presumed) bugs in the current release we follow the procedures as outlined in the CMC Bug Reporting Procedure for Standard Models .

Accepted and Implemented Bug Fixes:

This frame documents bug fixes that have been accepted by the Compact Modeling Coalition for implementation and release in the standard release of the Mextram Model.

Proposed Bug Fixes:

This frame presents proposals for solutions of known bugs. Because these proposals have not yet been formally approved by the Compact Model Council, these solutions have not (yet) been applied in the CURRENT RELEASE of Mextram. They have been applied in the BUGFIX RELEASE on the Releases page. This BUGFIX RELEASE can hence be considered as a candidate fixed version of the CURRENT RELEASE.



    2011_Q3_QA_comp_GnuMake_3.82.txt                   18-11-2011 14:33 (1021B)
    2011_Q3_QA_comp_perl_v5.12.3.txt                   25-11-2011 14:10 (1768B)
    2011_Q3_QA_mxt_bjt_filenames.1.txt                 25-11-2011 18:31 (845B)
    2011_Q4_QA_extend_test_support.txt                 18-11-2011 15:18 (506B)

Reported Bugs (Pending)

This frame presents reported bugs that are currently under consideration.

Bug fixes archive

Mextram Bug Fixes Archive